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Corporate events

Blandin & Delloye proposes a corporate event service. 

We travel to locations in order to offer our items and accessories on the worksites of the company collaborators. 

These events come in two forms:

  • Day of presentations and accessories-sales, held in a room made available to us or via the use of the Suit Truck

  • Order day within the company, held in a room made available to use or via the use of the Suit Truck

These events can be organised in partnership with the work council but also directly by a collaborator, or even by management as original end-of-year gifts.  

Corporate services


The services that we provide to companies include the following :

  • The presence of Blandin & Delloye advisors with the implementation of an English-salon type atmosphere

  • The possibility to make available the Suit Truck in order to propose an original activity through mobilizing our tailored-suit boutique on wheels up to the company's locations

  • A rate package dedicated to our items and accessories

  • The possibility to put into place different communication mediums for the event (notices, e-mail,..)

  • A unique contact chez Blandin & Delloye for all exchanges with the company organisors. 

  • A  committment to 100% satisfied collaborators


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