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Tailored shirt

Tailored shirt for Business


In many business sectors, the dress shirt remains a must at work. The colors are most often light: white, sky blue, pale pink, or mauve. Although often solids, stripes are nevertheless appropriate, notably in shades of blue. 

Regarding the weaving and fabrics, cotton reigns with popeline, oxford, twill, stitch-to-stitch, or Pinpoint.


As for features, tailored business shirts are very classical: French, Italian, or Club collar, simple buttoned placket, buttoned or double cuffs,....

Trendy tailored shirt


It takes up the material and colors of a traditional shirt, all while adding a touch of trendiness.

The cuts are very fitted/slim, the collars short and made to be worn without necktie or bowtie (inverted collar, mini straight collar, officer's collar,...).


To customize your tailored shirt, it is possible to take a few liberties, such as discrete constrasts on the collar's interieur, the buttoned placket, and the cuffs. 

Casual tailored shirt


The casual tailored shirt is worn with all types of pants (chinos, jeans, linen, flannel,...). The material varies : cotton, linen, chambray,... 


In terms of color, one could choose darker shades and, possibly, more creative and fun patterns.

As for the cut, causal shirts can vary from slim to comfort, notably for lighter materials such as linen.


The freedoms are also found in the details, such as pockets with flaps, shoulder pads, or adjustment tabs. 

Tailored shirt for Wedding


For the big day, the shirt is white, but not always a bright white. Off white, natural whites, or slightly ivory can be judicious choices for pairing the bride's wedding dress with the wedding suit.


The collar will depend upon your choice of neck accessory (bowtie, necktie, or Ascot). Ceremonial wing-collars are best for wearing Ascots and bowties (especially with frock coats and tuxedos). 


Finally, concerning the othr features, the placket can be hidden, the cuffs are often doubled, and the initials of the future bride and groom can be embroidered in a subtle fashion. 

Rates for tailored shirts

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