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The Casual Preppy Style


Between the photo above and the one below, a new model tried to jump into the frame.

But Greg won't be pushed around!!!



First off, because the preppy look is a timeless fashion since its creation in the USA in the 50s. What's more, because we witnessing its strong comeback with the younger generation (which is at the origin of this creation).

But above all, to be preppy is to be elegant under any and all circumstances. We never know who we are going to run into at the local café or during an evening with friends. Maybe it's your future employer with whom you are having a drink while talking about your next weekend in Juan... And even if you aren't necessarily going to find the job of your dreams at this party, women do love an elegant man...

In the end, we have chosen this look so that you can wear your jacket outside the office! Given the price you paid for it, it would be too bad not to share with your friends (of all genders)...



For this look we have therefore chosen to highlight the dressy side with a typical blazer over a thinly striped shirt (tennis motif). The computer pouch with a refined design accentuates the serious aspect of this outfit (this is, by the way, a must when attending university). With the other half of the outfit we have the more casual side, with a pair of jeans and rolled up hems, as well as sneakers on Grégory's feet. Last little touch, the bowtie and the pocket hankerchief. And since we are in Autumn, we chose red and orange colors (yes, we think of everything).

Jacket: Blandin & Delloye

This is a tailored marine blue jacket with a Vitale Barberis Canonico, Blazer-type fabric. The collar is thin (7cm) and the jacket short (it ends between the buttocks and mid-buttocks). The "point AMF" interior is red.

Bowtie: "Le Petit Noeud"

Burgundy fabric - hand-stitched

Shirt: Stripes

Men's shirt, 100% cotton fabric, striped blue and white, 1 lobster red embroidered on the left of chest, limited edition, 100% natural pearl buttons, simple barrel cuffs.

Handkerchief: Stripes

Limited edition handkerchief, printed on silk, a small square of silk to be slid into the chest pocket. 100% silk twill, size: 32cm / 32cm

Jeans: Code denim color

The jeans are "medium rise" cut and slightly narrowed toward the bottom of the pant in order to give the appearance of a straight and thin leg. Trouser fly with engraved buttons, 5 pockets, belt loop stitching and lining, inside fabric red color.

Belt: Code denim color

Belt made of inverted brown leather, interior contrasted and embossed. Belt loop in red suede and rounded buckle in dark metal.

Shoes: Faguo

Leather sneakers, with suede supports, an interior in striped fabric and without forgetting the Faguo coconut button. The brand plants a tree in France for every pair of shoes and accessories sold.

Computer pouch: Apto

Thin and light with sleek and geometrical lines, it is the basis of the modular concept of Apto bags. Made in France.

Alright, now it's time for a bit of reading!



Originally, the Preppy style (BCBG: "good style, good class") is very classic. This is a style which comes to us from the best of the Anglo-Saxon universities, and which dates back to the 50s. The word Preppy comes from Preparatory. According to Erich Segal - famous inventor of the term Preppy - a preppy "instinctively dresses himself perfectly". His outfit is thus composed of simple yet elegant elements (polo, suit jacket, moccasins, canvas shoes, ...). For the purists, the famous school patch sewn into the polo / the jacket and a pair of penny loafers on one's feet are must haves.


For the creation of this article, we warmly thank:

Sandrine de Moura : make-up

Grégory Bajoux : the model

Karim Benhaddouche : the photographer - Karimage

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