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Holland & Sherry

Holland & Sherry is a renowned British weaver in Saville Row. The brand was created in 1936 by Stephen George Holland & Frederick Sherry, and at the time was already specialized in wool and silk cloths. From 1837, the Crown put its trust in the Draper, which very quickly gave it a prestige among the best of the master tailors.

The Maison grew throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, with an acceleration during the second half of the 20th, notably through numerous wool-industry company buyouts. This is also the period when the firm set up its head office in Saville Row, epicenter of exceptional tailoring (1982).

The inspiration for the collections is largely inherited from British tradition:

First off, heavy fabrics with Tweed which is said to take its name from the Tweed river situated between Scotland and England. We also find the "eccentric" side of the English, who proudly wear Tartan, which is a checkered pattern often in bright colors.

These are fabrics which still today have an important place in the fabric bundles of Holland & Sherry. Here are some of our examples that we particularly enjoy:

  • Sloane Square bundle, Super 130’s, Virgin wool, 250 to 280 gr/m

Liasse de tissu Holland & Sherry

Liasse Holland & Sherry Tissus Prince de Galle
Tissu caviar Holland & Sherry
Prince de Galle trait orange Holland & Sherry
Prince de galle brun trait bleu Holland & Sherry
  • Notting Hill II bundle, Super 130’s, Virgin wool and silk, 250 gr/m

Tissu carreaux fenêtre bleu Holland & Sherry

Tissu rose à carreaux Holland & Sherry
Prince de galle Jaune et vert Holland & Serry
  • Sherry Tweed bundle, Wool, Silk, Nylon and Lamb's wool, 310 to 350 gr/m

Tissu à carreau en tweed Holland & Sherry
Tweed aux couleurs automnales Holland & Sherry
Tissu pied de poule en tweed Holland & Sherry
  • Summer In The City bundle, Super 120’s, Wool and Teclana, 230 gr/m

Tissu prince de galle claire Holland & Sherry

Tissu rayé Holland & Sherry
  • Classic Flannel bundle, Super 100’s to Super 140’s, Wool, Virgin wool, 280 to 560 gr/m

Flanelles de couleur Holland & Sherry

Flanelles de couleurs Holland & Sherry

Flanelles marron Holland & Sherry

Holland & Sherry offer a buy-the-cut service which allows us to provide you with a large range of exceptional fabrics on top of our range of Monceau and Tuilerie offers.

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