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40.4 kg of Merino wool on a single sheep, that makes for quite a few potential suits!

A rather amazing brief came to us from our far-off cousins in Australia: a sheep was found in the wild wearing over 40 kilos of wool! The animal had not been sheared in at least 5 years and his fleece was putting his health at risk.

Mouton Mérino

(AFP/Gelly Images)

The RSPCA teams (local animal protection) took over the animal and called for the aid of Ian Elkins, national celebrity who shears faster than his shadow. All the same, it apparently took 42 minutes for Ian to shear Chris, the name given to the sheep.

Mouton avec 40 kg de laine Mérino


The RSPCA contacted the World Guinness Book of Records in order to confirm this new record, up until then held by "Big Ben" who carried 28.9 kilos of wool during his shearing.

Mouton avec 40 kg de laine Mérino

Chris is a Merino sheep; little reminder, Merino wool is one of the most celebrated in the world. We find it quite regularly in the composition of suit fabrics. Indeed, it has very sought-after qualities: a natural elasticity, a low susceptibility to odours, and is very superfine (less than 20 micrometers).

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