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Wine lees Inspiration

When a blind man has real vision!

The anecdote regarding the inspiration behind the realization of my latest suit is by no means trivial and merits being recounted.

It all began with one of our stand-out clients...We have the good fortune of counting among our clients an extraordinary figure: Didier ROCHE. Didier is first of all a very successful entrepreneur.

Didier Roche

Didier Roche

With Edouard DE BROUGLI and Fabrice ROSZCZKA they created the Ethik Investment Group.

You have probably/surely already heard of one of their concepts which is doing quite well: the restaurant "Dans le Noir?" (In the Dark?). The idea is for clients to dine in absolute darkness, served by a visually-impaired staff. The human and sensory experience is unique! In the same vein, the project "Le Spa Dans le Noir?" is also in full development.

Didier Roche is also an individual that pays attention to his looks and who wishes to transmit a part of his personality through his attire. He wears regularly a suit within the framework of his work or for the various conferences that he hosts. He appreciates elegant outfits that nevertheless stand out, with an assumed risk-taking regarding pattern and color choices.

Given his visual impairment, in order to determine what suits him well he has consulted the advice of a stylist and also discusses with his entourage to find inspiration. He is therefore rather precise regarding his tastes.

It is thus during his second creation that he came with multiple suit ideas and notably a color for which he wanted my opinion: "wine lees" (deep but bright color). After searching among the 5,000 references of the showroom, we found a light flannel from Holland & Sherry the touch of which pleased him right away and the color of which I was immediately convinced.

Flanelle Holland & Sherry

Holland & Sherry - Liasse Classic Flannel in 280gm by meter (reference 753110)

The result of this creation completed seduced me and so I decided to make myself a 3 piece suit in the same fabric. Below is an image of the result:

Costume en flanelle lit de vin Holland & Sherry

Costume en flanelle lit de vin Holland & Sherry

Costume en flanelle lit de vin Holland & Sherry

Thank you once again, Didier, for this wonderful idea!

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