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Tailored suit for Wedding

Pastoral wedding suit


The pastoral/nature weddings have the wind in their sails. The groom's outfit has therefore changed in order to better integrate the realm of the wedding that is natural, floral, and sometimes a bit quirky. 

The three-piece suit often remains the rule, but the colors have changed. Bright blues and pale colors (blue/grey for example) are the most requested.


Accessorizing and details are essential elements of the wedding's theme. Floral patterns of the "liberty" type make their appearance on the details (pocket interieurs, tightening-buckles, buttons) or more visibly with pocket squares, bowties, or even the lining of the waistcoat back...


Cuff link contrasts, button choices, and suede on the collar discretely finish off the look of the outfit.

Traditional wedding suit

For the future brides and grooms that don't see themselves in the Pastoral world and who want to avoid an overly ceremonial outfit, a traditional wedding suit is very appropriate.

With a two- or three-piece suit, of which the colors will more often than not be dark, the ceremonial aspect can be found in the details (lining, buttons, buttonholes,...) and through accessorizing (Ascot tie, bowtie, necktie, pocket squares). 

There is not, however, a typical traditional wedding suit, which leaves room for a large array of possible variations. A traditional wedding suit has another advantage: you will be able to wear it daily. 

Ceremonial wedding suit


The ceremonial outfit is full of history and emotion. As with the bride's wedding dress, the ceremonial wedding suit is made almost exclusively with the occasion in mind.

From the traditional attire of the "French frock" to the mismatched pants, passing by way of the Tuxedo, the ceremonial universe answers to a set of codes. 

However, the evolution of fashion and trends permits for, if the future groom so desires, the taking of a few liberties, notably regarding the contrast of fabrics and colors.

Wedding suit gallery
Costume sur mesure 3 pièces bleu
Costume sur mesure 3 pièces bleu
Costume sur mesure bleu gris
Costume champêtre / Nature
Costume sur mesure de mariage
Costume 3 pièces de mariage
Costume de mariage champêtre /Nature
Costume bleu marine 3 pièces
Costume de marié 3 pièces
Costume sur mesure marine
Gilet de marié
Costume de marié bleu
Costume sur mesure de mariage
Veste de smoking sur mesure
Mariage en smoking sur mesure
Smoking de cérémonie
Smoking noir 3 pièces
Smoking de marié noir en col châle
Costumes 3 pièces bleu foncé
Marié en gilet bleu
Costume 3 pièces ton sur ton
Intérieur de costume sur mesure
Costume sur mesure en caviar bleu
Costumes du marié et des témoins
Costumes sur mesure champêtre
La marié en costume hypster
Marié en costume bleu et pochette
Smoking sur mesure noir
Marié en costume 2 pièces
Costume de mariage bleu marine
Costumes bleu marine
Marié en costume bleu mariné
Costume de mariage classique
Mariage nature
Costume croisé de mariage
Costume sur mesure bleu gris
Marié en costume 3 pièces
Boutonnière florale
Mariage champêtre dans la nature
Costume sur mesure 3 pièces
Costume de mariage en famille
Costume croisé de mariage
Intérieur de costume pour homme
Gilet sur mesure bleu
Pose du noeud papillon du marié
Costume de mariage gris anthracite
Costume 2 pièces pour homme
Costume du mariés et de la famille
Smoking de mariage bleu
Costume porté avec des bretelles
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